Treat to the Eyes – Best Places in India for Stargazing


The vastness of the universe is both spectacular and humbling, with the stars serving as reminders of countless lives spent, in the words of astronomer Carl Sagan, “on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.” A few life experiences are so powerful that they align you with unseen energy. In today’s overcrowded, polluted, noisy, neon-lit world, gazing at the dark abyss of the vast sky with innumerable stars staring right back at you is a profound moment. Even on the clearest nights, unnatural light from urban centres conceals natural blackness, making nighttime skies appear far less serene than they should. Many cities now have as few as 500 stars visible from their rooftops.

We have put together a list to experience the eternal beauty and incomprehensible enormity of the galaxy that we share with the stars, which we find intriguing and enchanting. Many people are unaware that India has a plethora of locations that provide breath-taking views of clear skies, ideal for stargazing. 

So, here are the best places to stargaze in India that will take your breath away. 

1. Nubra Valley, Leh Ladakh 

If you are captivated by the idea of surreal outer space as well as what lies further than, Nubra Valley is unquestionably the place to pursue your fascination. With no pollution in the area, the pretty valley of Nubra in Leh Ladakh provides excellent stargazing opportunities. When you look up, you can see the Moon constantly playing games with sparkling stars and clouds. Camping is the perfect way to experience this enchantment. Choose to stay in transparent tents so that you can stare out the window all night. Nubra Valley, a popular stargazing destination in the country, offers a plethora of options for an ideal and relaxing night under the stars. 

2. Neil Island, Andaman & Nicobar 

Neil Island is one of the most gorgeous Andaman Islands; in the evening, the island is illuminated by stars, and the lively forest whispers the wind to embrace your face as you lie down on the wonderful and spotless seaside and look at the stars. The enigmatic ambience, the sound of the sea, and gazillions of stars above the sky combine to create a breath-taking sight. At night, the sky turns completely blue rather than fully black, and that whiff of blue will steal your heart! You can only imagine how amazing this place will be when the vastness of the open sea merges with the plethora of colours in the sky, leaving the island all blue and exquisite. 

3. Rann of Kutch, Gujarat 

A night spent in the tough, but exhilarating Rann of Kutch is nothing short of an adventure. The stars light up brightly in all their splendour here at the Rann of Kutch! All you have to do is lie down on your back in the white desert, and gaze at God’s gleaming magical creation. When you look up, you see pretty much the entire new universe looking down at you. The sight of an endless black sky filled with millions and millions of glittering stars is an experience that can only be felt. You can hear your heartbeats here because it is so nice and calm.

4.  Sonmarg, Jammu and Kashmir 

Sonamarg, also known as Sonmarg, translates as “Golden Meadow.” This location is encircled by snow-covered mountain peaks on one side and a blue sky on the other. The sky is so clear that campers lie down under it at night to savour the great views of stargazing, which appears so wondrous that it appears very close to you. This is the ideal weekend getaway for those who enjoy camping. Imagine how stars, mountains, and flowers can all come together to create a fantastic night under the vastness of the night sky. Sonmarg is a paradise that only God could have created with his own hands. Sonmarg is becoming a beloved spot for stargazers in India, with its emerald green forest, flower-laden valleys, and snow-clad Himalayan peaks in the background. 

5. Coorg, Karnataka 

Coorg’s clear night skies, lit up every night by a bombardment of glistening stars are a treat for any young aspiring astronomer, tucked away in the middle of rainforests that merge naturally with the rugged terrain It’s no surprise that Coorg is a favourite spot for stargazing couples. It’s possible to spend multiple nights in Coorg just stargazing; it’s that gorgeous out there! Coorg is one of the best places in India to relax your eyes with dazzling stars, with many opportunities to spend the night serenely under the majestic canopy of a starry sky. In that moment of unrivalled gorgeousness, you let go of all your qualms. 

6. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh 

Spiti Valley has long been a perfect retreat for stargazers due to its incredibly clear views of the night sky. The Spiti Valley’s Kibber village, regarded as the highest motorable village in the world, is among the best places in the area to experience the limitless beauty and ethereal enormity of the cosmos that we share with the stars. When the innumerable stars take over the vast sky, transforming it into a shiny masterpiece, all you want to do is close your eyes and save this image indefinitely in your mind’s abyss! People who have had the good fortune to have this experience laud the charm of the night and stars. 

7. Mt. Katao, Yumthang Valley, Sikkim 

Katao in the Yumthang Valley, one of Sikkim’s best-kept getaway secrets, is the essence of tranquillity. This traveller’s wonderland is a terrific alternative for anyone who wants to go on a stargazing excursion, with its tall snow-capped peaks, emerald slopes, and tiny villages sprinkled with multi-hued prayer flags. Katao is unique due to its location and harsh climatic conditions. It’s all the better for stargazers because there are fewer people, which means less disturbance and pollution. 

8. Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 

Yercaud, a revitalising hill station in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu, is a lesser-known and unknown jewel nestled in the Eastern Ghats in the Shevaroy Hills. The magic of the shining stars may be seen at Yercaud thanks to beautiful skies and a setting far away from the lights of the main metropolis. This picture-perfect tiny village is a gem of a hill station, hidden within the beautiful forests of the Shevaroy highlands. 

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