12 Best Backpacker’s Hostels in India for Group Travelling and Budget-Friendly Travelers

Best Backpacker’s Hostels in India for Group Travelling and Budget-Friendly Travelers

Travel experiences are all about collecting new memories we accomplish while travelling around different places. Undeniably, we always choose destinations that provide us with either comfort or unique travel experience such as mountain trekking, hiking or water sports. What if we run out of budget but still want to travel? Well, if you are in India, this will not be the issue as we have many backpackers’ hostels which offer stays at cheaper rates and that too in prime tourist spots. Along with the budget-friendly feature, these hostels have an aura filled with like-minded travellers who add good memories to our journey. Let’s find some of the best backpacker hostels in India that are perfect for a budget-friendly tour or to make friends with new people.

How are backpacker hostels different from hotels?

A backpacker hostel is a place where you can live in a dorm-style room. This means you rent a bed in a dorm-style room shared by a few people. Kitchens and bathrooms are too shared in hostels. Alternatively, hotels offer private rooms with attached toilets, sometimes a kitchen and other amenities along with room service. In most cases, people prefer booking hotel rooms, however, hostels are comparatively more affordable and livelier.

Youth hostels

It can be said the trend behind backpacker hostels in India started because of youth hostels that are present in major cities and tourist destinations in India. The Youth Hostel Association India regulates the hostels. These hostels are preferred by most backpackers, especially youth since Youth hostels are affordable, located mostly nearby rail, airport or bus service stations and have a welcoming environment. One of the best parts about Youth hostels is that they organize treks and tours in every part of the country. It may cost between 300 to 2500 as per the room or dorm you choose.

The Mad packers Hostel

The Mad packers Hostel is located in the capital city of India. The hostel has been voted the best hostel in India by a website Hostel world. Some of the amenities you will find in this hostel include a rooftop terrace and library. The rooms or beds in the dormitory are comfortable while the guests are offered complimentary breakfast. You can book yourself a space in Mad packers’ hostel for 600 for a hostel bed in a dormitory or for 2000 if you want a private room.

The Hostel Crowd

The Hostel Crown is one of the best backpacker hostels in India as it offers cool and fun-filled accommodation. These hostels are popular in Kerela and Goa among tourists. The hostel interiors are beautifully designed while promoting sustainable living conditions. The hostel also provides hammocks in Jungle Hostel in Vagator or prison-like stays in Prison Hostel in Goa’s Anjuna. The finest dorms offered by The Hostel Crowd start at 350 INR while a private room can be booked for as low as 1200 INR.

Backpacker Panda

One of the well-established hostels in Goa, Backpacker Panda can now be found in major tourist destinations of India like Mumbai, Udaipur and Manali. The customers who have visited this hostel find the hostel room very comfortable along with good service and food. Backpacker Panda offers bicycles for traveling to nearby places at some of their locations. You can book yourself a bed in a dorm or a private room for 300-800 INR.


Zostel is one of the largest chains of backpacker hostels in India and has become a paradise for budget-friendly travellers. In addition to providing air-conditioned, comfortable rooms, they also offer a variety of amenities similar to hotels. You will find Zostel in major cities in India including Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai and Goa. Every guest is provided with free Wi-Fi, game rooms, lockers, a guest kitchen, housekeeping and more. This backpacker’s hostel in India also organizes social events, get-togethers, travel talks and parties on several occasions. Their inexpensive pricing policy ranging between 600-2000 is one of the reasons many travellers prefer staying at Zostel. 

Horn Okay Please

This hostel is rather a new establishment that began operating in 2017 in Mumbai’s Bandra. An architectural marvel that is a 100-year-old heritage bungalow has been refurbished and converted into a backpacker hostel. The stay is comfortable with amenities. You may book yourself a bed in a dorm for 900 INR or a private room at 2000 INR.

Vedanta Wake-up!

Travellers visiting South India can now get an affordable stay in one of the best backpackers’ hostels in India, Vedanta Wake Up! The hostel provides books, games, free Wi-Fi and more. The hostel can be found in many places such as Varkala, Kovalam, Allepey and Fort Kochi. The main branch is in Kanyakumari. The hostel is popular for its aesthetic décor, fun activities and barbeque night with music. Since the hostels are close to beaches, they are preferred by beach lovers the most.

Jugaadus Eco Hostel

Jugaadus are those who can get the most out of a limited number of resources. The primary goal of this hostel is to encourage people to live in a more environmentally responsible manner. The hostel’s furniture and other goods are entirely built of reused materials, such as reusable tables, bamboo dustbins and pans, and the reuse of plastic bags and bottles, among other things. Solar panels are also on their wish list. They charge INR 400 per person and have lately offered specials such as “stay for four nights and receive the fifth night free.” So, if you’ve always wanted to visit Punjab and learn about its heritage, now is your chance.

Social Rehab

Social rehab is one of the best backpackers’ hostels in India located in the tech hub of India Bangalore. The hostel is huge, clean and safe with dormitories and private rooms. Modern amenities like television, a book store, games and others are also provided to the guests. They also have a kitchen and provide complimentary breakfast. One of the best parts of this hostel is trips provided at discounted prices for travelling tourist spots such as Goa, Hampi and Kerela. A bunk bed in the dorm-style room may cost you between 700-800 while private rooms are charged between 2500-2750.

Le Pension, Jaipur

Le Pension is an inexpensive hostel in Jaipur, located outside of the city centre. If you want to get away from the crowds and find a quiet area, this is the place to go. The word “pension” in French means “bed and breakfast.” The hostel is well-kept, reasonably priced, and a lovely place to stay. Breakfast is included in the INR 400 per person price, as are additional facilities such as WI-FI, newspapers, games, and entertainment. They offer a terrace café named Cafe Machan for folks who want to relax and enjoy some alone time while sipping tea.

The Mudhouse Experiential Hostel

One of the best places to stay in Jibhi in Trithan Valley is a backpacker hostel named Mudhouse Experiential Hostel. Trithan Valley is a beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh that is visited by travellers all around the year. This hostel built with wood, sand and stone fascinates travellers who want to stay in raw and eco-friendly places, unlike cities that have hotels with modern amenities. From this hostel, you can easily go fishing or for hiking to enjoy the fresh air in the nearby areas. The tariff per person starts from as low as 500 per night.

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