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Top 10 Best Earphones in India 2021

best Earphones in india

As per the recent research, people in India listen to more than 20 hours of music be it as a background activity or primary, every week. Hence, we can say that music today has become a way of living life for Indians who find peace and solace listen g to their favorite music after a busy and hectic schedule. Music can really work as a therapy for children, the elderly, or even people suffering from illness. Listening to good music can take away all those unwanted stress and mundane hustle-bustle. To listen to good music, you will need a nice pair of earphones. So, here you will find a list of the Top 10 Best Earphones in India 2021.

All of them are pretty affordable and are of good quality, durable and the sound quality will enhance your listening experience. Hence, without further ado, let’s jump into the article.

Top 10 Best Earphones in India 2021

1. Sony MDR-XB55

The Sony MDR-XB55 is made for EDM or Electronic Dance Music. This product doesn’t have that mic facility. But, the extra bass feature will give you the feeling of club sound which is super amazing to enjoy music. Apart from that, you will have powered bass ducts that are designed to give you that extra deep bass that you will surely enjoy.

The earphones are pretty comfortable to wear and have secure-fitting silicone earbuds that will let you listen to music for longer hours at ease. It has a metallic color coated that looks pretty modern. This one is pretty light in weight that gives easy and better music mobility. Moreover, you will have several color options to choose from.


  • It has clarity in the sound.
  • This has 60% outside noise cancellation.
  • The high volume does not hurt.
  • It is ideal for long hours of listening.
  • The bass is good and it doesn’t overlap.


  • Looks very delicate.

2. BoAt BassHeads 225 in-Ear Wired Earphones

Are you looking forward to having economical earphones? If yes, then your search ends here with the Boat BassHeads 225. This has an innovative design that will give you great comfort. You will have six different colors to choose from and the box contains 3 extra pairs of earbuds of different sizes.

The earphones come along with a frequency range of around 20 Hz to 20KHz which is pretty good. It offers a tangle-free bolt flat cable and is very light in weight – weighs around 18.1 grams. What is more likable is the passive noise isolation that will allow you to enjoy music even in the noisy atmosphere.


  • This has a nice mic.
  • It offers excellent build quality.
  • This comes with user-friendly functions.
  • It has powerful 10mm drivers.
  • This has a tangle-free cable.


  • Earphones may not feel comfortable to fit in.

3. Tagg Metal Wired Headphones with Microphone

The Tagg Metal Wired Headphones with Microphone will surely stun you with the amazing design along with the wonderful performance. These earbuds will give you super amazing sonic clarity with the help of the super extra bass. They are equipped with 10 mm drivers to give you a clear sound with powerful bass.

The metallic earphones come with some exciting features and they are comfortable to wear and have that ergonomic design. It is an obliquely angled ear design that fits perfectly in the ear canal and you will never face the problem of losing out while you are in the gym, jogging, and sporting. The earphones will provide you with a multi-function button that will allow you to control the music, super extra bass, and do voice controls. This has a specially designed sound driver that will let you enjoy powerful bass.

Apart from all these, the product comes with a tangle-free wire and for the convenience of taking calls hands-free, this earphone is equipped with an in-line microphone.


  • This has the best sound quality.
  • It comes with a noise cancellation feature.
  • This offers the best bass.
  • It is tangle-free.


  • There are no volume buttons.

4. Sennheiser CX213

If you are looking for an earphone that has an innovative finger-contoured housing design, then the Sennheiser CX213 is your ideal choice. This not only enhances the overall style but allows you to easily adjust it. It comes along with two years of the warranty period on the manufacturing defects. The earphone offers a high passive reduction of the ambient noise. This pair is extremely light and comfortable to wear.

It maintains the right balance between highs and lows, as a result, the sound and beats are more distinct and clearer. You will have four wonderful colors to choose from- blue, white, grey, and pink. This pair of earphones is just right for listening to classical and jazz music.


  • It comes in 4 different shades.
  • This has 3 pairs of eartips making it comfortable to use.
  • This offers heavy bass that makes music and beats clearer.
  • It has a perfect cable length that avoids getting tangled.


  • It has no Bluetooth connectivity.
  • This has no Mic.

5. Mi Earphones Basic with Mic

The Mi Earphones have a 90-degree L-shaped design that offers flexibility. It comes with dual bass that is specifically designed to give you a great and richer music experience. Along with that, you will have the CNC quality and Metal sound chamber. To have the ultimate sound quality, you can opt for this product. With this pair of earphones, you will have ultra-deep bass in-ear along with the metal diaphragm. It is made up of aerospace-grade and will result in a resonating bass.

The earphones come along with a mic as well as sound control buttons. And all of these make the earphones one of the best with mic under the 2000 category. In fact, the best thing about this earphone is that you can change your music and also attend phone calls. The cable is of Kevlar Fibre which is strong and tangle-free.


  • This has CNC technology.
  • It has a non-tangled wire.
  • This has a superior design.
  • It comes with passive noise isolations.
  • This comes with an inbuilt microphone.


  • The warranty period is less.

6. 1MORE Piston Classic Earphone

Are you looking forward to having nice and light in-weight earphones? Then, the 1MORE Piston Classic Earphone is your ideal choice. This is pretty light in weight and comes along with a dual damping system. As a result, it offers minimum distortion and reduced fatigue in the ear. Moreover, the body is made up of a pure aluminum alloy which makes it much long-lasting as well as comfortable to use.

Apart from the enhanced ergonomics, the earphone comes with MEMS microphones that will ensure clarity of voice. The product is compatible with Android as well as iOS phones. And it is easy to change the music or attend calls when you are traveling or busy with hands full of work.

Moreover, the titanium drivers in the body will add more value as well as quality to the sound produced. You can even use it while you are gymming or swimming without any worry as it is water and sweatproof.


  • This has an in-line mic.
  • It comes with 1 year warranty period.
  • This comes with volume controllers.
  • It works perfectly with android and iOS phones.


  • This is a little heavier than the rest.

7. Soundmagic E10C

The Soundmagic E10C is yet another amazing earphone that has not only won hearts but is from an award-winning range too. It comes along with a microphone of good quality and a remote too. You can use this product with all kinds of phones, tablets, and computers as well as other devices. Moreover, this earphone makes sure to deliver your bass balance. As a result, it will help you in deep rolling along with hi-defined music detail.

Most importantly, this range will offer you a remote that has a three-button control system. It allows you to interchange devices and automatically switches between Android and Apple phones that adds a lot of conveniences. This comes with a nice metallic finish body that is great for everyday use.


  • This comes with super-finished looks.
  • This has powerful bass.
  • It comes with remote control.
  • The product offers an easy switch between devices.
  • This has metal body earphones.


  • It might get difficult to fit in due to the design.

8. Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 S2PGFY-003

The Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 S2PGFY-003 is designed perfectly to fit the shape of your inner ear. You will like the off-axis technology that gives amazing comfort. In fact, the product comes along with a mic that is of good quality. It is made up of material that is moisture-resistant. As a result, it reduces the chances of getting damaged due to sweat or water.

Moreover, this comes with a powerful bass that will let you experience the strong highs and warm lows of the sound. In fact, it comes along with a button that will let you change the music, answer the calls. The quality of the cable wire is pretty good as it won’t get tangled and ensures durability.


  • It comes with a tangle-free cable.
  • It has a high-end design.
  • This fits perfectly to the inner ear.
  • It is made with moisture-resistant material.
  • It has a single button for play or pause.
  • The product comes along with 1 year warranty period.


  • It is heavy in weight.
  • This has no remote control.

9. Boult Audio ProBass Curve Neckband

Boult is the brand that almost everyone swears by. The Boult audio is generally termed as the “powerhouse” as the run time of the earphone is around 8 to 10 hours. In fact, it comes with 1-2 days of standby. With this earphone, you will have the noise isolation feature too. There are two premium magnets that are attached with the two earbuds when you are not using them.

The earphones are so good in quality that they will enhance the listening experience of yours. It comes with inbuilt micro-woofers that will offer you a crystal clear voice along with deep bass. This has an oval-shaped earbud that will perfectly fit inside the ear canal and will offer you a clear sound experience. The product comes along with an inbuilt condenser microphone for calls. In fact, you can use it to voice command on Siri or Google assistant.

The best thing about this earphone is that you can use it during rains, gymming, or swimming without worrying much. This is because it comes with a nano-coating that makes it sweat and waterproof.


  • This offers deep bass.
  • It comes with an inbuilt mic and controls.
  • This has a magnet for easy management.
  • The product is waterproof and sweatproof.


  • The neckband may feel uncomfortable at times.

10. Samsung C&T ITFIT

The Samsung C&T ITFIT is a pretty high-quality earphone that comes along with a flexible neckband. This has a 10 mm driver along with a great battery backup. So, you can use it for a longer period. It comes with a hands-free operation and offers you a comfortable operation.

The earphones come with magnetic earbuds that will offer the security of the neckband. It is compatible with all kinds of computers, devices, and earphones. The driver is premium and guarantees you great quality of sound and with one charge you can run it for six long hours. It offers you a six-month replacement guarantee and is gifted with splash-proof features. If you are looking for a trustworthy brand to rely on, then this can be a really good option as an earphone.


  • It is water-resistant.
  • This has full call control.
  • It has good sound output.
  • This is pretty light in weight.
  • It offers a great fit.


  • The noise cancellation isn’t much impressive.
  • The distance covered through Bluetooth is only 20 ft or less.

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