BTS Diet Hacks: Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, Tae Hyung, Suga, J-Hope, and RM Diet Plan

BTS Diet Hacks

BTS performances seem easy to appreciate from our cosy couches, but have you ever wondered what hard work they have to go through? From strict workout regimes to crazy diet plans, all the members of BTS have been able to maintain a top-most position in the Korean pop music industry. 

BTS have perhaps posted many pictures on their Instagram accounts while having delicious food. Jin, in fact, has his unofficial series called Eat Jin in which he has his food during chats with ARMY. All of the BTS boys have made shocking revelations about their diet plans which have helped them become fit and beautiful. 

Some of the members maintain strict diet plans, while others follow a diet plan that involves starving as well. But, how do they manage? What is the ultimate diet plan of BTS member’s that make them perfect from head to toe? 

Jimin Diet

One of the iconic and famed K-Pop BTS stars is Jimin who have indeed conquered the world through his music. Jimin is well aware of his rapping and vocal talent besides his looks and thus he takes care of them with a healthy diet plan and workout routine. In fact, Jimin diet plan has helped him change the most since early days than he looks now. 

In one of the television programs, Jimin has revealed how he takes care of the refrigerator. He said that he followed a one meal diet since he did not like his appearance in the mirror when he practised for blood sweat and tears. The diet plan and work routine were so challenging for him that he had to go asleep for a brief period. 

Regarding his diet intake, Jimin loves eating veggies, chickens, fruits and others in moderation with a workout plan. Unlike other BTS members, he starts his day with light exercises such as body stretch and dace so that he can perform well on a concert day. Previously, Jimin used to work out immensely and followed a strict diet but now, he is comparatively relaxed to keep his stress level low. 

Jungkook Diet

Jungkook body physique is like a dream come true and many of his fans were pleased when his daily diet plan and workout routine got leaked on social media. Just like other BTS members’ diet hacks, Jungkook adopts a consistent workout and diet plan to maintain his perfect physique. Although BTS remains quite busy after their new album, Jungkook manages to take out time to hit the gym and take care of his body. 

Jungkook prefers a sleek face to a round one. So when he puts on weight, he feels self-conscious. This makes Jungkook maintain a strict diet and even though other members have doughnuts, he only smells them rather than eating. 

We have seen that Jungkook has altered his body shape many times since his first album has launched. Though, Big Hit opposed him to building huge muscles since they liked his boyish image. Regarding his daily diet plan, Jungkook likes veggies and chicken. During cheat days, he eats some snacks as well. Even so, he avoids eating foods that are high in fat and oil as they can negatively affect his weight. 

Jin diet

A songwriter, singer, dancer and model, Jin is a BTS K-pop group member called Mr Worldwide Handsome. Although Jin has excellent vocal and dancing skills, he is famous for more than that, particularly his physique which he had maintained so well. 

In an interview, Jin had revealed how he managed to lose 7 kg of weight. He said, “Please take care of my refrigerator”. He said so because he had eaten many chicken breasts and could eat them no more because he was sick of it. 

Many doctors advised him to take supplements and other nutrients during his diet, but he refused to do so as he still wanted to lose more weight. Eventually, Jin suffered malnutrition. Jin follows a balanced diet, however, when a video shoot or a concert is in order, he goes to the extreme. 

Tae Hyung Diet

Kim Tae Hyung V is rather a humorous, fun-loving and multi-talented person in the entire BTS group. He is handsome and smart too! The fan following of Tae Hung is rather hard to believe and all the credit goes to his body physique and looks that he manages.  You will be amazed to know that this supercool BTS star and the King of Visuals favourite food s Fried Chicken and Hamburger. 

Tae Hung does not like regular exercise either. Jungkook once said after looking at him “How can he not gain weight while eating like that?” However, whenever a BTS stage is scheduled, Tae Hung cuts off his fast food besides working hard for the perfect appearance. In fact, he became far too thin during his debut album but now carries a muscular body. His appearance can be attributed to the training and workouts he manages to follow. 

I believe that among all BTS members diet plans, most of us would like to follow Tae Hung diet plan as he enjoys diet plans and avoids making them too rigid. The K-Pop star says that to look like him, we need to stay healthy and if we can do so, we won’t gain weight at all. Never get stressed regarding diet plan as taking immense pressure will also result in increased weight. 

He also says that enjoy the food you eat and if you have soup in your meal, it is less likely that you will gain weight. With such an optimistic piece of advice, Tae Hung has stolen the hearts of many. He believes in having lighter meals though he eats what he likes to eat. So, to be like this BTS star, eat what your body can take in without hampering bodyweight besides following a good workout routine.

Min Yoogi (Suga) diet

After witnessing Yoongi’s weight gain, Korean netizens began writing #Yoongiweloveyou on Suga’s look. He works out for two hours every day and never eats after 6:00 He frequently misses meals, especially while he is in the studio. 

Suga and the other members of BTS do not adhere to any specific diet and eat nearly anything they choose. Nevertheless, this does not imply that they continue to eat a lot; they aim to eat three meals a day, and even though BTS members have a snack, they would not eat a lot. Aside from that, Suga drinks a lot of water to keep active and hydrated.

Suga’s diet plan is suitable for him as he burns enough calories during his workout sessions and dance routine. If you want a body like Suga, you must follow a low-carb diet plan along with high protein food that can keep your calorie count less than 1.8k per day. 

J-Hope diet

J-Hope lifestyle does not differ much from other BTS members including daily practising and training sessions. J-Hope is good at controlling himself while eating and loves wearing clothes that are fashionable. J-Hope follows a very simple diet plan without any strict regime. Rather, he eats whenever he wants to. In fact, it is quite okay for him as he dances for hours to burn calories and get hungry again. 

RM Diet

RM loves to share his story when he was on his diet. RM revealed that when he was a trainee, he wanted to eat an entire pizza alone, despite looking very chubby. Though, it does not mean that RM consumed junk food or snacks every time. He consumes an average amount of food which is divided into a three-meal course a day. Sometimes, he would feed in some snacks. Because he goes through immense training every day, RM intakes a huge amount of water so that his body remains hydrated and fit. 

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