Hydration Tips: You Have Been Consuming Water Wrong All This Time

Hydration Tips

How much amount of water should one consumer in a day? As easy as the question sounds, different studies have answered different recommendations. It is as well important to know that an individual’s water needs depend upon various factors determined by health, activity and environment. There is no single method that fits everyone.

Health benefits of water:

You probably know the importance of staying hydrated but don’t know how much quantity of water needs to be consumed in a day. Staying hydrated is a necessity no matter what the temperature is. Human body is made up of 50-70% of water therefore it keeps every system in the body function duly say for example carrying of nutrients in your body, maintaining blood pressure, aiding digestion, flushing of body waste, preventing from kidney damage, maintaining healthy hair and skin, regulating body temperature, lubricating the bowels and what not!

How much water do you need in a day?

Through perspiration, breathing, urination, and joint movements water from the body is lost every day. Health experts suggest to drink 8-10 glasses which equals to about 2-2.5 litres of water for adults. This amount also includes beverages or any liquid other than just water. However, water must be sipped slowly at room temperature than chugging at once. Below are some tips to ensure you at least drink 10 glasses of water:

  1. Understand your liquid need
  2. Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach after you wake up
  3. Keep a bottle handy with you – whether indoor or outdoor
  4. Consume more of water during the first half of the day
  5. Switch to minimal water after the sunset
  6. Set water reminders using apps, if required
  7. Replace other drinks with water
  8. Drink one glass of water at least 30 minutes prior before each meal
  9. Infuse your regular water with cucumber, mint, ginger, coriander seeds if your water intake is less or don’t feel much thirsty
  10. Track your water intake daily

The bottom line:

It’s not just water that helps you stay hydrated. All beverages contribute towards your daily hydration but water remains the best choice. Lack of water in the body causes dehydration – a condition wherein one does not consumer enough amount of water therefore leading to low blood pressure, decrease in skin elasticity, fatigue, dry mouth and tongue, headache and decrease in urination.

Even mild dehydration can impact you physically and mentally. Make sure to drink enough water each every day (2.5 litre). It’s probably the easiest thing you could do to maintain your health.

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