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Navratri 2022 – Significance of Nine Colours

Navratri 2022 – Significance of Nine Colours

The nine days of worship of Goddess Durga, Shardiya Navratri has begun today, marking the first day of the festivity (Kalash or Ghatsthapna). The festival is celebrated with much fervour across the country by Hindus. It is believed that during these nine days whoever worships Goddess Durga with true heart and devotion, will find peace, happiness and prosperity since the goddess takes away all their troubles. It is intended for worshipping Maa Durga and her nine avatars, known as Navdurga. Navratri means ‘nine nights’ in Sanskrit. Hindus observe a total of four Navratris throughout the year. Only two of them, Chaitra Navaratri and Shardiya Navaratri saw widespread celebrations, as they coincide with the beginnings of the seasons.

In the Vedas and Puranas, Goddess Durga is considered as the form of Shakti, who protects this world from demons. During Navratri, the devotees worshipped Goddess Durga to get her blessings. Navratri is celebrated four times a year, Magha (Winter), Chaitra (Spring), Ashadha (Monsoon), and Sharad (Autumn). During Navratri different types of religious programs are organised across the country.

According to the Hindu calendar, this festival starts in autumn from the Pratipada of Ashwin Shukla Paksha and is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country, especially in Maharashtra, Bengal, and Gujarat.

In North India, the nine-day festival is observed to celebrate the victory of Rama over Ravana. For nine days, Ramlila (the mythological tale of Lord Rama according to the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana) is enacted on stage, and on the tenth and final day, when Rama ‘kills’ Ravana with his bow, the festival is celebrated by burning effigies of Ravana and his brothers Meghnad and Kumbhakaran. During the festival, people dress up in traditional clothing, observe fasts and offer prayers.

Significance of Navratri colours

Day 1 (26/09/2022): White

Navratri starts with colour white which symbolises peace. Maa Durga is dressed in white attire on this day.

Day 2 (27/09/2022): Red

The second day is the colour red which signifies fearlessness. This day we worship Maa Durga, who rewards everyone with her bravery and courage.

Day 3 (28/09/2022):  Royal blue

People wear Royal Blue to enjoy the festivities and grace on this day. The bright shade of blue symbolises richness and serenity.

Day 4 (29/09/2022):  Yellow

Colour yellow signifies joy and enthusiasm. This bright colour keeps a person enthusiastic all day long.

Day 5 (30/09/2022): Green

Green colour represents nature and evokes feelings of growth, fertility, peace, and serenity. It also represents new beginnings in life.

Day 6 (01/10/2022): Grey

Colour grey represents balanced emotions and keeps the person down-to-earth.

Day 7 (02/10/2022): Orange

Orange colour represents warmth with positive energy.

Day 8 (03/10/2022):  Peacock green

This colour signifies uniqueness and individuality.

Day 9 (04/10/2022):  Pink

Pink symbolises kindness, affection, and harmony. It is a shade of unconditional love and nurturing.

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