‘SheRox’ Fitness Series Creator Jacqueline Fernandez, now in the Times 40 Under 40 List of Entrepreneurs


Actress Jacqueline Fernandez unveiled her new workout training series ‘SheRox’ on Valentine’s Day, the day of love. She is known for being one of the fittest celebrities, and she shared a tiny preview for her upcoming series on her Instagram profile. The actress was seen working out and encouraging others to get in shape in the short clip. Her post said – “I am so excited to announce that I have just launched SheRox Cardio exclusively on the #TRUCONNECTapp. SheRox Cardio has 5 amazing full-body workouts suitable for all fitness levels! Click the link in my bio to download the #TRUCONNECTapp and join me in my fitness journey! #TRUCONNECTTeam @fitness.”

 Jacqueline’s innovative project is already drawing attention. The diva has established a safe haven for common people in which everyone is allowed to discover the greatness inside them. She is now the only actress to be named in the ‘TIMES 40 UNDER 40’ list of entrepreneurs for her extraordinary initiative. The ‘TIMES 40 UNDER40’ is a forum for identifying, encouraging, and rewarding such remarkable people. Jacqueline’s new project aims to empower females by inspiring them to be united, laugh, motivate, and dream together. 

The star created this community to assist in the discovery of everyone’s secret talents. She’s also connecting with her audience on a personal level by advocating a healthy lifestyle through her fitness series. Remarkably, Jacqueline seems to be the only actress to be the backbone of this, and it is her selfless efforts for the happiness and well-being of others that have paid off. The list acknowledges the top 40 brightest young entrepreneurs visionaries and creators under the age of 40 who have made significant contributions to societal development. The objectives of this community are wonderful, and they deserve to be included on this esteemed list. 

The training series will be offered on TRUCONNECT by TV.FIT, a health and fitness community application. She said that her own fitness routine will inspire the ‘SheRox’ fitness training program. The very first series of the initiative will be named ‘SheRox Cardio,’ and it will consist of a set of five workouts that will push the body, ranging from lower-body blasts to upper-body and core-specific exercises. Jacqueline is quick to highlight that ‘SheRox’ Fitness is for all, with each session lasting only 20 minutes. Jacqueline’s ‘SheRox’ Fitness project is expected to motivate millions of people in Asia and beyond to improve their health and wellbeing. 

Jacqueline expressed her delight at the start of the series, saying: “I’m so happy to launch the SheRox Fitness program. Keeping fit and active has always been important to me and I hope this program can motivate as many people as possible towards improving their health and wellbeing while giving them a taste as to how I prepare for life on and off the set!” She has always been enthusiastic about fitness; people have often seen her workout videos on social media platforms, which rightfully proves so. 

Jacqueline Fernandez has been in Bollywood for more than a decade now, and if there’s anything we have noticed about her in that time, it’s that she does not do things half-heartedly. She lets her love for her work come through in everything she does, from the demanding action scenes for movie characters to her outspoken advocacy for animal rights to becoming an investor in a conscious cold-pressed juice company. It’s no wonder that she applies the same passion to her fitness routine, working out with Cindy Jourdain to maintain her body, sculpted and red-carpet-ready on all occasions. The inconsistencies of a movie actor’s lifestyle may take a serious toll on even the best-laid fitness plans, but the duo agreed long in advance to put her health first.

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