Things to do in Pune: Top Attractions, Activities and Incredible Experience

Things to do in Pune

Pune is a city mostly preferred by people who love vacationing amidst a peaceful atmosphere. The hilly terrain and incredible ether have made Pune emerge as a perfect destination for vacationing though most of the people in and around India are unaware of different activities offered by the city. After reading this blog, you will know about different forts and caves which stands still and for adventure enthusiasts. Among the plethora of things to do in Pune, paragliding, plane flying and trekking seem most attractive to visitors visiting the city. You can go for sports activities or boating which the city offers along with perfect weather and collection of artefacts. Pune is a city which blends culture seamlessly with ease and effort besides developing its IT and infrastructure. Let us have a look at top things to do in Pune.

Things to do in Pune: Fly a Plane

Flying a plane is a childhood dream for many of us. Fortunately, we have a place in India which have considered fulfilling our dreams! Visit south-eastern part of Pune where you will find Hadapsar Gliding Centre, a small airfield which allows people soar high up in the sky. A single airstrip of around 3500 feet in length takes off and lands the plane. The most astonishing part is the pricing kept by the centre which is just INR 187! Along with price effectiveness, this adventurous activity will give you the greatest pleasure of flying a plane in an aeroplane consisting of two seats: one for you and the other for a professional pilot. No engines are been attached to the gliders and thus you will feel a noiseless flight. 

Things to do in Pune: Visit Forts, Caves and Hills

Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada was built around 290 years ago by Peshwa and is one of the finest architectural marvels in India. It is also considered as an important historical destination in Maharashtra. Once built by Peshwa BajiRao himself, this place is visited enthusiastically by visitors throughout the year. The entire residence of Peshwa is spread in 625 acres of land with the fort, majestic BajiRao statue and fountains. After the movie BajiRao Mastani, the footfall of the place has increased remarkably and even though the palace was destroyed in 1828 fire, the remaining brings thrills among the visitors.  

Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace was built in the year 1892 by Aga Khan III. The palace holds a great position in Indian history and has been used in various moments of India’s independence during British Raj. In this very place, Gandhiji, his wife Kasturba Devi, Mahadev Desai and Sarojini Naidu were kept as prisoners. The palace has a unique architectural style, spread in 19 acres of land and is now an important headquarters of Gandhi National Memorial Society. Making khadi is one of the prime activities happening in this place besides holding a rich collection of paintings and rare photographs. 

Pataleshwar cave temple

This cave temple is located on the Jangli Maharaj Road and devoted to Lord Pataleshwar, the god of the underworld and another form of Shiva. The cave is carved out of a single massive rock and is placed in the centre of the city. The Hindu shrine in the temple makes many devotees reach this place every day. The exuberant architecture and beautiful carvings with miniature paintings make this place look majestic and incredible. Along with Shiva, this temple has a shrine of Nandi and several other Hindu gods and goddesses such as Ram-Sita, Ganesh and Lakshmi.


This fort provides visitors with breath-taking views and makes them experience the charms of an era long forgotten. To reach this fort, you have to indulge into a small trek that requires no experience or professional training. The mesmerising views and ancient structures will make you visit this place again and again.

Karla Caves

Associated with Mahasamghika, Karla cave is an important sector of Buddhism. The caves are located around 40 kilometres away from the city and can be dated back to 2nd century BC. The Buddha monastery can be visited in the caves along with a prayer hall. The entrance is carved beautifully besides flaunting well-decorated walls and sculptures of elephants, lions and humans. 

Things to do in Pune: Dine and Shine

Hong-Kong Lane

This is one of the most significant shopping hubs in the city where shopaholics can spend hours to hunt a variety of products. Many colleges and hostels are situated beside Hong-Kong lane which makes this place mostly visited by youngsters and teenagers who thrive to buy goods in low budget. You can visit this market if you seek to buy gifts and souvenir’s at affordable prices or make a bulk purchase.

Fashion Street

This is a market popular among those who like changing their wardrobe makeover very often and in budget prices. This market is similar to Mumbai’s Fashion Street as many vendors can be seen shouting prices of products to attract passers-by. More than 450 stalls offer clothes and accessories at affordable and convenient rates making this place a paradise for shoppers.

Tulsi Baug

This shopping place located in the heart of the city is a heaven for street shoppers. Many readymade garments can be customised here. This is the oldest market in Pune and depicts some features of Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. 

Bajirao Road

This market will fulfil your need for furniture and home accessories. This is a place for home décor enthusiasts who seek home makeover in budget pricing. Many self-designed and unique furniture can be found here which are sold by vendors and shopkeepers at an affordable price.

Tandoori Chai

This Tea stall is located near Kharadi opposite Zensar building. The tandoori chai sold in the tea stall is quite a popular thing to drink in Pune. A roasted earthen pot is used in tandoori chai in which tea is poured and after brewing it, the smoky flavoured tea is served in another earthen pot called as kullhad. 

German Bakery 

Founded in the year 1988, this food plaza serves many speciality foods to visitors. I can say that if you are a sweet lover or crave for sugar, visit the Iconic German Bakery to relish upon frozen hot chocolate, masala chai, cheesecake, fish n chips and special breakfast which act as a treat to food-lovers.

Pune’s First Microbrewery

Visit First Microbrewery in Pune located in Corinthians Resort. This place is a heaven for beer lovers as they get to slurp the freshly brewed beer. German brew maker, Oliver Schauf is the one who along with his league has started this incredible way of serving beers. They also serve nachos salad, chicken sausages and fish fingers along with much more that can match with the flavour of your beer.  

Things to do in Pune: Explore Nature 

Pune Okayama Friendship Garden

This Japanese Garden in Pune is the largest garden dedicated to Japanese culture outside Japan. The garden is also known as Pu. La. Deshpande Udyan, a name of Marathi writer and humourist who received Padma Bhushan award in 1990. Inspired by Japan’s Okayama Korakuen Garden built some 300 years ago, this special garden reflects Indo-Japanese relationship. To visit this park, you will have to travel to Dattawad. The garden has a man-made pond, a natural canal and lush green plants which can soothe every tired eye. Visitors come here to stroll in the garden, view colourful flowers and envisage plethora of plants and trees.

Osho Ashram

The Osho Ashram is situated in Koregaon Park and is popular due to surreal practices and serenity in its atmosphere. Osho Meditation Resort is a unique combination of Greek concept for resort staying and meditation. The place will transport you to tranquillity through mediation and peace practised following Osho’s ideologies. Since this Ashram is open for its members only, you can buy a one-day pass to have a look at this beautiful place. 

Things to do in Pune: Visit Snake Park

Katraj Snake Park

This park is dedicated to deadly reptiles on earth named as snakes. Many tourists and residents visit Rajiv Gandhi zoo in Pune located near Katraj. The zoo is spread at an area around 130 acres and operated by Pune Municipal Corporation. The most famous and attractive part of the zoo is Katraj snake Park which homes some deadly species of snakes. As many as thousands of visitors visit this peculiar wildlife sanctuary which has a huge collection of snakes, birds, turtles and reptiles. The marvellous collection of the park includes a king cobra which is 13 feet in length. The park also organizes snake awareness programs and snake festivals so that people avoid themselves from killing snakes or fear them.  

Things to do in Pune: Enjoy Paragliding

Paragliding is one of the sporty activities which makes our heart pump high and adrenaline rush like ever before. Paragliding in Kamshet will for sure make you forget any other adventurous activity participated before and thus, you must indulge in this activity without failing the next time you visit Pune. Many certified trainers and professional pilots are there who will guide you before making you paraglide above Kamshet. The paragliders paragliding in this region witnesses the incredible view of Sahyadri Ranges.

Things to do in Pune: Visit Places of Attraction

Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railways

This unique museum is situated in the Erandwane suburbs and displays miniature trains, steam engines, trams and flyovers. This well-maintained and the beautifully designed museum is a must to visit place in Pune especially if you are with children. The functioning of miniature trains is controlled by entertaining soundtrack and lights.  

Lal Mahal

Lal Mahal is situated near Shaniwar Wada and was built during the 16th century. Being attacked and then revived several times, this palace has many stories to tell. Shivaji’s father Shahaji Bhosle was the one who restored this palace in 1630 for staying in it. This place can also be said to be the childhood home of Shivaji which depicts marvellous craftsmanship and Maratha culture during ancient times.  

Khadakwasla Dam

Extended around 1.6 kilometres, Khadakwasla Dam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pune which flows through the city and is a major source of water in and around Pune city. The dam act as a reservoir which is named as Khadakwasla lake and lies at proximity to the city. Besides serving as a great picnic spot, the road to Khadakwasla act as a perfect roadway for cyclists in the city. Many people prefer visiting this place during monsoons as they can see the transformation of the landscapes.  

Things to do in Pune: Trekking and Hiking

Chavand Trek

Prasannagad or Chavand is a hill fort located in Maharashtra and around 3500 feet above sea level. This fortress lies in the district of Pune and is a part of the famous five forts. Other included in the category are Shivneri, Jivdhan, Hadsar and Naneghat. This fort is most popular among all due to seven water tanks lying in a row that are carved out of a single stone. Famous Kukdeshwas Temple along with river Kukdi can also be seen while trekking towards the southern side of the fort. 

Korigad Trek

This place is located near the Southern side of Lonavala and Pune. The hill forts of Korigad is a favourite trekking spot for trekkers and hikers in Pune. The fort was built around the 1500s and the first planned township i.e. Ambey Valley is located on the southern and eastern side of the Korigad foothills. The fort temple is situated in the peak of the fort and is dedicated to Goddess Koraidevi. The original parts of the fort are still there and many of the walls are still in shape and unspoiled. The cisterns of water and caves lie within the fort besides two huge lakes atop the citadel.

Rohida Trek

Vichitragad or Rohida trek is the nearest fort to Pune and one of the most visited destinations by trekkers and hikers. The incredible view of the fort along with breezy winds and flora makes people visit this place again and again. Located in the Western Ghats and near Bhor village, Rohida is around 61 kilometres away from the city. The fort was built by Yadava rulers and according to the Treaty of Purandar, it was among 23 forts handed by Marathas to the Mughals. Bajarwadi is the base village for Rohida trek which is around 7 kilometres away from Bhor. You can stay at the top of the fort in Rohidmalla and collect food and necessary items from Khanapur and Bajarwadi villages. 

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