Top Themed Restaurants in Kolkata: From Prison to Pirate’s Deck and Tram Ride

Top Themed Restaurants in Kolkata

A good restaurant not only offers great taste, quality, and hygiene but also a good atmosphere. Many themed restaurants have emerged in Kolkata as a result of theme and ambience becoming an integral part of contemporary restaurants. These restaurants are positioned in prime locations and are easy to access. Some of the restaurants offer multiple cuisines while others like to serve Desi and local food instead. If you are planning to go to a restaurant in Kolkata, try the below listed themed restaurants in Kolkata that offer a lot more than delicious food. 

Kaidi Kitchen 

As the name says, this themed restaurant in Kolkata has an interior that looks no less than a cell or jail. One outlet of the two is in Camac Street while the other is in Mani Square Mall. You will be amazed to see that the staff serving the food are dressed like Jailors and Kaidi (prisoners). If you want to experience moments inside a jail, you can book yourself a private cabin or a separate cell that looks just like a jail. 

Fly Kouzina

If you fear flying high, visit Fly Kouzina to experience one as you will not have to worry about falling from there! With a theme based on an aeroplane, this is the first of its kind in Kolkata. However, this themed restaurant in Kolkata’s Salt Lake City serves vegetarian food only. You will be welcomed by the flight captain and avail your own boarding pass for a seat. Just fasten your seat belt and enjoy the meal!


Every Bengali movie fan will love this themed restaurant in Kolkata’s Hindustan Park hotel. The interiors of the restaurant are based on a 1961 movie featuring Suchitra Sen and Uttam Kumar. While eating mouth-watering food, you can enjoy soft background music playing in the restaurant. The food is served in traditional crookeries while the furniture resembles iconic Bengali movie locations. 

Desi Draag

One of the Best Themed Restaurants in Kolkata is located in Bhawanipur’s Lake Market area. Desi Darang can also be referred to as a Hookah Lounge where you can enjoy flavoured hookah before dining with your friends or family. The place is getting much attention these days especially among youth. 

Tram Deepo

This café in Ballygunge, just a little walk away from Quest Mall, aims to convey what typically Kolkata is – the exhilaration of a tram journey. Dine on a wooden carriage and experience Kolkata’s iconic carriage, a tram, for dinner. They adore the small details, such as the tram tracks painted on the floor and the illustrations of the city’s most prominent locations on the walls.


This fun-loving place is a favorite among kids. The whole restaurant theme is based on a jungle safari with lush green interiors. Animal figures, a water fountain and a treehouse are displayed which will give you an unforgettable experience. Located in the Mani Square Mall, you must try this one with your family.

Oudh 1590

This restaurant is well-known for its Awadhi food. This themed restaurant in Kolkata offers a really classic ambience. Their Chicken Biryani and Chicken Butter Masala are both delectable. The service is quick and the crew is really friendly. Apart from serving non-vegetarian food, it’s one of many restaurants in Kolkata which is well-known for its high-quality vegetarian fare.

Pirate’s Deck

Yet another beautifully decorated and themed restaurant in Kolkata is Pirate’s Deck located in Padma Pukur. The restaurant has a café and hookah lounge that are preferred by today’s youth. The décor matches with Pirate’s Deck look. You will also find a separate sports screening area in the restaurant where you can sit with your friends and watch football or cricket. 

Baati Chokha

Although this restaurant interiors are not as fascinating as others on the list, the food theme of the restaurant makes it one of the best-themed restaurants in Kolkata. Traditional Rajasthani Baati Chokha is what they serve at a very affordable price. Their Parathas are also very delicious that are served with Rajasthani curry. 

Mumbai Local

Those missing Amchi Mumbai or Bandra, visit Mumbai Local in Ballygunge. The dishes served in the restaurant are presented with a little twist and quirky manner. Local trains are painted on walls along with old newspaper cutouts and posters of Mumbai’s Sea link and Bollywood stars. 

Seven Kingdom (Game of Thrones) 

This themed restaurant in Kolkata is a must-see for Game of Thrones fans. The music and décor from Game of Thrones bring your favourite series to life. The menu includes a wide range of mixed drinks. It specializes in continental, Thai, and Chinese food. The must-order items include mixed noodles and gravy chicken. It is regarded as one of Kolkata’s greatest continental restaurants.

Kouzina Marine

Kouzina Marine is another branch belonging to the Fly Kouzina group. This themed restaurant in Kolkata is located in Salt Lake that looks like a submarine. Once inside, you will feel submerged in water in a submarine. The interiors are dimly lighted while the décor is done like an old industrial hub. The entire deck of the restaurant is crafted using rustic iron sheets along with bolts and big nuts that are used inside a submarine. 

Biker’s Cafe

All those riders out there who are annoyed by the paucity of bike-themed cafes in Kolkata, look no further. The restaurant has an Italian-style interior and a variety of food options, including burgers, fries, tandoori, and other side dishes. In this continental themed restaurant in Kolkata, you will discover vegan and vegetarian selections.

Blue Nile

In the Newtown area, visit this themed restaurant that resembles the ancient Egypt era. Inside you will find Egyptian Gods and Goddesses frescoes, a Mural of Tutankhamun and golden coloured furniture just like the ones used by Egyptians. Guests are treated with royalty while the food served is delicious enough to make guests visit more often. 

On Track

On Track, one of Kolkata’s earliest restaurants on Park Street is designed like a royal train standing at a rail station! Guests may dine in train compartments at the restaurant’s model of an engine train. The remainder of the restaurant is shaped like a platform. North Indian and Chinese cuisine are available here. The personnel are courteous, and the atmosphere is great.

Santa’s Fantasea

Visit Santa’s Fantasea in Ballygunge and you’ll be dazzled by the cuisine and atmosphere. Shanghai rice, Smoked octopus, prawns, and Pak Choi fish are all available here. Despite the fact that this is tiny seafood and tribal cuisine gourmet restaurant, the food is wonderful. This themed restaurant in Kolkata is decorated in blue to symbolize marine animals and provides you with a relaxing atmosphere while you drink and eat.

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