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25 Best Gift Ideas for a Bride-to-be in 2021

Wedding Gift for Bride

Traditionally, the bride is perceived as the highlight of a wedding ceremony. A lot of time and thinking goes into selecting the best wedding gift for the bride-to-be. So how would one figure the perfect present for the star attraction of the ceremony?

We have curated a list of some presents that would be great for a bride-to-be, keep reading! 

Wedding Gift for Bride

Relaxing spa gift card

Everyone knows how tiring weddings can be, that is why a spa gift card is an excellent choice of gift for the bride. It is a thoughtful gift for her, and she would love to go for a relaxing spa after those tiresome wedding days. You can also book a couple’s retreat for the newly-weds.

Champagne glasses

A beautiful set of champagne glasses make a very aesthetic and classy option for gifting. You can get them custom-made, or look up on Amazon or other websites, although you can get them in any local store as well. 

Pre-wedding pampering kit

All brides like to be spoiled with love in every way before their big day. A pre-wedding pampering kit is another perfect option for the bride-to-be to make her feel special. It could include skincare items or whatever the bride likes more. 

Amethyst stone locket

Amethyst is known to calm anxiety and nervousness. Gift the bride an Amethyst stone locket, especially if she has anxiety issues. It would be a very personal gift that would show your affection towards her. These are super inexpensive too!

Rose Quartz Crystal

As we talk about stones and crystals, Rose quartz makes a beautiful gift for a bride-to-be as it is known to be a stone of unconditional love. It would bring positive vibes to the couple’s relationship. These are easily available on Amazon, at ready affordable prices, and are just as effective.

Pearl necklace

There is nothing more graceful and precious like pearl jewellery. Gifting a pearl necklace would make her feel over the moon, and it will be a meaningful gift that she will cherish forever. 


A wristwatch is always a classic gifting idea, no matter who the recipient is. You might get a rose gold watch for a bride-to-be, we are pretty sure she will be in awe of it. And if you get it engraved, its sentimental value will double, making it a very precious gift for her. 

Jewellery case/organizer

A bride will have a lot of jewellery to deal with after the nuptials, so gifting her a jewellery case or organizer is a very rational and useful gift. You can get a lot of variants of it on Amazon. 

Bridal clutch

There is always something that a bride needs to carry around with her, and she would love to not keep those things with her bridesmaids, which is why a bridal clutch is a practical gift for a bride. This way, she can keep her things with herself, and a clutch would make her outfit look complete! 


Nothing brings more confidence than smelling good. Gift a scent to the bride-to-be to bring out her confidence on her wedding day.


If the bride likes to journal her thoughts, or loves writing, gift her a personalised, aesthetic journal. You can choose the theme of a wedding, or anything that the bride likes, in the journal. It is an excellent choice if you have a limited budget.

Handwritten letter

A letter, is considered a cliché these days. But even though it is old-school, it holds a great deal of sentimental value. So, if the bride is your best friend or your sister or someone else who is very close to you, a heartfelt handwritten letter will be a meaningful gift for her. 


A customized photo book will give the bride a trip down the memory lane. Pick out the best pictures and curate a photobook, and it will bring a smile on her face and probably make her eyes well up as well.

Personalized coffee mug

It might be a very common gifting option, but if correctly customized, it can leave a lasting impression on the recipient. You can get a couple of themed mugs set for the bride, or it can reflect your bond with her, either way, she will cherish it. 

Engraved wooden coasters

Wooden coasters are yet another classy gifting option which looks very aesthetic, and engraved ones are even more special, especially for a bride who is moving into a new home. 

Silk robe

Every bride, dreams to hoard lots of clothes and lingerie and thus if you gift her a silk robe, she would probably thank you dearly for that.

Couples luggage tags

Couples luggage tags, although very cliché and cheesy, are very cute to gift the bride, especially if they are heading for their honeymoon right after the wedding. You can also gift them, similar passport holders.


A bride-to-be can get very anxious about the thought of going to a new home. She will be worried if she has no idea about cooking. Gift get a cookbook so she can cook without worry and impress her in-laws with her “skills”! 

Bride makeup bag

A makeup bag is essential for a bride-to-be to store all the makeup that she has bought. What’s better for a makeup enthusiast than to have a funky and cute or maybe a custom make-up bag! 

Ceramic planter pots

If the bride has a soft spot for gardening, gifting them planter pots is a great way to lighten up their faces! Ceramics are known to make a person feel at home so all in all. 

Scented candles box

Scented candles give any place a romantic, relaxing vibe. A box of scented candles makes a lovely present to amp up their romantic life. 

A gift card from her favourite shop

If the bride is a shopaholic, we are quite certain that she will love to receive a gift card from her favourite shopping location! A fashion lover lives for these types of gifts. 

Engraved cutting board

A foodie bride, one who loves cooking, would love herself a stylish cutting board. Go to Amazon and explore heaps of options and get it engraved to make the present even more precious and special for her. 

Flower bouquet

Every girl love flowers, and as cliché, as it is, flowers make everything look and feel prettier. Be it Roses, lilies or even sunflowers, a beautiful bouquet with a sweet congratulatory note will make any bride-to-be’s day a lot better. 

Glass vase

Glass is always an aesthetic and vases make any room look more beautiful. So, get on with the quest for that perfect and elegant glass vase to gift the bride if you are looking for a classy and decorative one.

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