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12 Asian Skincare Tips for Young, Glowing Skin

Skincare Tips

People from all around the world fancy how young and youthful Asian women look even in their 40s. The inspiration for many of the world’s best beauty products was Asian skin, particularly Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Indians. Many women thanked Korea for having such a lovely multi-function product when the BB creams hit the stores. Asia has always been the root of many beauty practices. What do these ladies know about the beauty that is lacking from us? We decided to decode the secret of their beautiful skin and studied how to integrate them into our skincare routine.

Let’s have a look!

1. Rice water, Japan

For both hair and skin, rice water can do wonders for you. It is the key to perfect fair skin for which Japanese geishas are renowned. It is really simple to make: boil some rice, pour the extra water into a glass container and store it in the fridge. It would be a potent component for crystal clear skin and super-shiny hair after it cools. Apply it all over your skin with a cotton ball as a toner. You can also transfer it into a spray bottle and spritz it all over your face and hair 30-40mins before taking a shower.

2. Pearl Powder, China 

Chinese women use pearl powder along with other components to create face masks for sparkling skin for beauty treatments. Mixing pearl powder with honey and egg yolk is one popular recipe. It not only helps with inflammation but also soothes all skin problems and irritations.

3. Adequate hydration, Korea 

Koreans assume that drinking plenty of fluids helps to give their skin a healthy glow, so they begin their day by drinking a glass of water and splashing cold water for a few minutes on their face. The most essential element of their meals is fruits and vegetables, and they eat foods with just a little sodium to preserve the levels of hydration in their bodies.

4. Coconut oil, India 

For years before it was even renowned for being a beneficial health and beauty ingredient, Indians used coconut oil. For years, Indians have been using coconut oil to get spotless, healthy and nourished skin. Women use coconut oil, heat it by rubbing it vigorously in their hands, and then apply it directly to the scalp and hair, sometimes used as a hair mask. To let it sink in, some women prefer to sit in the sun for around an hour. Outcome? Long, heavy, glossy, long locks.

5. Lemongrass, Thailand 

A tonne of lemongrass is used in Thai cuisine. Besides, it is also beneficial for the detoxification of the skin. Chopped lemongrass, ginger and basil leaves are boiled by Thai women, then the mixture is combined with lemon juice. They eat this as a drink of detox and elegance. One can add lemongrass pieces in boiling water and do steam inhalation with this infusion. The extract of lemongrass will be absorbed through the skin and helps cleanse the skin while expanding the pores.

6. Mud baths, Vietnam 

Vietnam has such an array of hot springs and mud baths. Mud is rich in vital minerals that help avoid and cure diseases, recover vitality, improve the immune system, and preserve beauty. Some Vietnamese women love taking mud baths and this is one of the keys to their clear and youthful skin maybe this.

7. Papaya, Indonesia 

Papaya is also used for all kinds of beauty and skincare treatments by Indonesian women. Mashed and not eaten papaya with or without milk may be directly applied to the skin for clear and youthful appearance as a cure for dark spots. As a hair darkener, another rare manner in which it is used is. Indonesian women crush papaya seeds to improve the dark colour of their hair and then blend them with water. They will apply this mixture to their hair and, after an hour, wash it off. Sounds like an inexpensive yet efficient hair dye, doesn’t it?

8. Turmeric, India 

The root is loaded with nutrients and adored for cooking in India, but Indian women have also used it for hundreds of years to care for their skin. Brides almost always apply turmeric paste to their bodies and faces to start preparing for their marriage, to make the skin more vibrant. Prepare a facemask by mixing one teaspoon of natural turmeric powder with some yoghurt and honey to make a smooth paste. Apply it all over your face and leave it on for fifteen minutes, and then rinse it off. You will be left with smooth, even-toned skin, immediately.

9. Goat’s milk, Indonesia 

Mandi Susu is an old beauty bath used among Java princesses to retain skin that looks soft and youthful. The old-fashioned remedy was to sit for 30 minutes in a goat’s milk bath and not shower afterwards. For this royal care, some Indonesian women continue to visit spas and beauty shelters.

10. Matcha, Japan 

 Everybody knows that matcha is extremely valued by the Japanese. In typical Japanese tea ceremonies, the powdered green tea used is full of antioxidants. It helps to improve the illumination of the skin and helps cure acne when applied to the skin as a face mask. One must surely try this as it will surely benefit the skin. 

11. Camellia Oil, China 

With their perfect porcelain skin, slender body structure and flowing locks, Chinese females are stunning. The next argan oil could just be camellia oil! To help their hair grow faster, Chinese women are well known to use camellia nut oil. Which is said to protect against ageing spots, freckles and hyperpigmentation when used on the skin. It also stops crows feet and tackles stretch marks.

10. A good facial, Korea 

Women in Korea spend a large chunk of their disposable incomes on facials. Apart from investing in high-end luxury skincare products, which deliver amazing results, they go for spas every other week. To seize the essence of botanicals, the Geishas used a rather complicated device called an alchemical still. They used to boil water under highly beneficial flowers and captured the steam on kimono silk which they applied as hydrating and nourishing face masks.

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