Alert Workaholics! This Was the Gadget You Always Needed

Alert Workaholics! This Was the Gadget You Always Needed

Finding a perfect work-life balance has been a daunting task for every professional. Despite best efforts, it has been difficult to spend quality time with the family as one is swarmed with overwork.

Samsung has released the video of this balance mouse on its Korean YouTube channel. It is currently introduced only as a concept and is not available in the market. Actually, this mouse has been designed to bring work life balance in Korea and the company has prepared the concept of this mouse with an ad agency.

The electronic company has come up with a new computer mouse that looks like a normal mouse, but is specially designed to prevent people from overworking. It detects hand movements and moves away using its wheels when given a chance. After this, if you try to hold the mouse forcefully, its core comes out and it stops working.

Samsung has not shared the product details or even talked about if this mouse will be coming to other countries, and also, how much does it cost.

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