Stop These Things That Can Make You Age Faster


Ageing is an inevitable process that one can neverescape. The creaky joints, the wrinkles and tiredness are bound to happen with age, but certain things can make this process faster. One’s body will not be able to absorb the nutrients the way it used to as you age, and neither will it be able to protect itself from the harmful effects of pollution, dust, and other problems. So,what can one do to slow down the signs of ageing?

Your lifestyle can make you age faster. Many believe that only ageing depends on genetics, but there is more to it. While genetics does play a role here, but your habits also play a pivotal role. What you eat, the amount of sleep you get, how much you exercise, sun exposure and several other factors may hasten the appearance of common age-related problems. So, if you want to look ravishing as you grow older, immediately stop these lifestyle mistakes that may speed up the ageing process.

Here are some inexact lifestyle choices that can accelerate the ageing process:

1. You do not wear SPF

Regardless of the surroundings or weather, sunscreen is an important tool in fighting against the signs of ageing. Most people are not aware about the importance of wearing a SPF. It is a year-round measure that will protect your skin from further damage and ageing. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 20 or higher that is water resistant as well.

2. You follow the wrong skincare routine

Many people tend to follow any skincare routine they find easy, or they like, without consulting a doctor. One fails to understand the importance of not having a skincare routine according to their skin type otherwise it can make you age faster. Having a skincare routine is vital in keeping your skin clean and supple. Since not all skin types are the same, one can’t follow just any skin care routine that is on the internet. Therefore, it is recommended going to a dermatologist for having a proper skincare routine to slow down the signs of ageing.

3. You have not included anti-ageing products in your skincare routine

It goes without saying that the skin changes as you age. One must start using anti-ageingproducts in their late 20s to see long-term results.

4. You use product that irritates your skin

Did you know that using harsh products or chemicals on your skin can lead to an inflammatory response which can further damage the skin? Using products that burns,irritates, or even stings your skin can lead to premature ageing. So, make sure you discard the productthat irritates your skin even a little!

5. You lead a sedentary lifestyle

By not following a healthy and sound lifestyle is one of the biggest factors that lead make signs of ageing appear faster. Everyone knows that consuming too much of alcohol, smoking, and not keeping a healthy well-balanced diet can make you age faster. Consider this to avoid the signs of early ageing.

6. You do not visit a dermatologist

We all try to fix our skin problems by trying all kinds of DIYs or videos available on the internet. One must understand that having a healthy skin is as important as other organs. Just like you need dentist to look after your teeth health, you need a dermatologist to figure out what your skin and hair need.

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