Offbeat Things to do in Goa for Adventurer’s and Romantic Couples

things to do in goa

Goa is one of the favourite destinations worldwide for travellers who seek getting indulged into water sports and adventurous activities. Many great beaches and islands can be visited in Goa which makes it a perfect destination for romantic couples and honeymooners too. The state is divided into Northern and Southern parts where you will find many offbeat activities besides great beaches. Many people believe that Goa is a party destination and beach lounging place however, after reading this blog you will know that this place has some vibe that makes it conduct almost every sporty activity. Goa is among breezy destinations visited by many people throughout the year and holds deep history besides revealing the earliest human life existing in India.  

Important notes to be followed before getting involved in offbeat things to do in Goa

Although Goa welcomes its visitors throughout the year, the dry season is mostly preferred by people. October to March are the best times of the year when winds are calm and in control. When you involve in any of the sporty activity, make sure that supervisors and trainers show you how to use equipment’s or gears. To save money, look for the best offers made by local agents. Do wear comfortable clothes, carry sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat as Goa is mostly sunny even during winters. Explore adventurous sports and beachside views to give yourself a memorable experience for a lifetime!

Offbeat Things to do in Goa: Scuba Diving and Sea-Walking

Grande Island Goa

Suba diving is one of the favourite activities experienced by people visiting Grande island. The island offers snorkelling and sea-walking experience also with a depth of 7-20 metres water. Whether you visit Grande Island with friends or with loved ones, this place will keep you occupied for days. The sea divers residing in this place ranges from novice to world-class level. To see the magical underwater world, you have to go through a training session and once you are under the sea, you can encounter sea turtles, snakes, dolphins, corals and colourful fishes. Grande Island is located beside Vasco Da Gama and will take an hour ride to reach there from a boat.

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island offers some very excellent spots suitable for scuba diving and sea walking. The island is situated near Murudheshwar and can be reached by a boat ride. It is some 1000 kilometres away from Goa and can be seen bulged above the sea level. The main feature of the island is its heart-shaped appearance which is the reason it is often called as ‘heart of India’s diving’


Malvan is often compared to the beautiful island of Tahiti and offers some fantastic scuba diving activities to its visitors. This white sandy beach can be reached by taking a two-hour ride from Dabolim Airport. This island offers many sports activities and boat rides up till the point the sea meets a river. Enjoy mouth-watering food, romantic walk, beautiful sunset and much more besides setting a jovial mood through scuba diving.

Sao Gorge Island

This is the nearest island from Goa which can be visited by travelling just 25 km from the city. You can reach there by taking a half-an-hour boat ride to find majestic and intriguing views from the island. This place is filled with huge underwater bodies and has hard corals besides numerous fishes and exotic sea animals.

Offbeat Things to do in Goa: Join Silent Party

This place is idle for people who like partying but avoid sheer volume. After spending the entire day in the beachside, you might probably like some silent moonlight walk or a place that offers noiseless activities. Silent Noise is a similar kind of partying place offered by Goa at the southern end of its beachside you must not fail to visit. The party usually starts from 9 pm and continue till morning. The concept here is innovative and challenging where a cordless headphone is provided to everyone to enjoy their favourite music while the party can stay loud. 

Offbeat Things to do in Goa: Get involved in water sports and adventure 


Who would not wish to get some breath-taking views of the Arabian Sea and fly high in the sky? Parasailing is another adventurous activity offered by this place which is loved by most of the tourists visiting Goa.  Parasailing is most loved by couples, families and kids as it provides a unique combination of enjoyment and thrill while this sport remains comparatively easy than other water-sports.


This is one of the best offbeat things to do in Goa which combines both surfing and sailing aspects. In this water sports activity, the rider needs to stand on the board and hold the grip of the sail firmly so that water pressure and wind can be balanced simultaneously. In Baga, Calangute and Candolim beaches, many windsurfing trainers can be found for beginners. If you are fierce adventurous types, go for windsurfing in the afternoon when the wind is strong and more daring for surfers.  

Ride Water scooters

Although water scooter riding is comparatively a safer water sport, this might prove difficult for those who fear to get wet in water. The thrill of riding in smooth water surface attracts many water scooter riders opt for participating in this trendiest activity available in almost every beach of Goa.

River Rafting and Boat Cruise

Ones who desire relaxing or spending idle times with loved ones must-visit Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary borders or Mandovi river which offers excellent views and sunsets. The white-water river rafting ride was introduced by Goa Tourism Development Corporation to attract tourist from all over India and worldwide. You will have to go through a small training session before exploring the river churning. Do carry safety equipment and life jackets for enjoying this 10-kilometre adventurous trip. Many famous cruses like Shantadurga and Monica ships provides travellers with various entertaining activities along with giving a glimpse of Portuguese influenced Goan culture. 


Although kayaking is offered by many popular cities such as Mumbai and Havelock island, but kayaking in the calm waters of Goa is all together a different experience. Goa provides its riders with scenic views and a glimpse of everyday Goan life. It is the most popular water sports in South Goa beaches as currents there seems to be quite moderate than Northern parts.  

Wakeboarding and Knee-boarding

This activity requires less balancing as compared to water skiing and thus has gained much popularity in Goa beaches. A single board is required in both the activities to enjoy fun-filled water ride above seawater. Kneeboarding requires riders to bend on their knees to ride in waters and considered as more advanced and professional.

Kite Surfing

This activity is a combination of jet skiing, surfing and waterboarding. Adults may find this activity more challenging and must be practised thoroughly before getting involved in it. kitesurfing is mostly preferred during morning time as the wind is not too gusty to disrupt the surfing process.

Banana boat rides 

These have emerged as a great attraction in Goa where a banana-shaped boat is tied to a steamboat running at an astonishing speed. During the ride, passengers may fall off during which the steamboat stops and the process continues after giving a small haul. You may find this activity exhausting but an enjoyable one especially if you are riding with your group.

Offbeat Things to do in Goa: Feel the Chill

Hiking and Trekking

After spending days at beaches, you might want to try adventurous trips in the land. Go for hiking and trekking through the long trails of tracks which might prove challenging and fun-loving at the same time. Mollem National Park and Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the good places where most of the hikers and trekkers prefer going to experience chilling moments. Bagheri Peaks is another trekking destination situated some 560 meters above the sea level whereas Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is about 2 hours distance from the park and offers spectacular views of wildlife, flora and fauna.


Camping in wooden and bamboo huts is yet another thrilling thing to do in Goa. Spending time below stars and amidst beaches sounds exciting and adventurous. Camping in Goa is affordable and provides some memorable experiences, especially if you are with your loved one or a group of friends. Though camping may not be considered as an adventurous sport yet thrills and excitement can be associated with it while sitting in front of a bonfire or cooking own food with raw materials.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

To envisage some breath-taking views of Goa, try hot air balloons which looks like an inflated balloon flying at a higher altitude not less than 2500 feet. The balloon will take you with the wind while a professional operator or a crew member will ensure a safe landing process. To experience this activity, you need to go to South Goa during sunrise especially if you are honeymooners. 

ATV Biking

One available in Bangalore, ATV or all-terrain vehicle riding is a bike race which is sturdy enough to ride on every kind of terrain. You can explore spice plantations and jungles of Goa while riding an ATV. If you are a novice, go for flat terrain riding tracks which are filled with exciting obstacles to make you feel like you have been riding through a jungle safari.

Offbeat Things to do in Goa: Mumbai to Goa Road trip

Distance between Mumbai and Goa is not more than 600 kilometres which makes many Mumbaikars visit Goa during weekends. This means you can plan a trip to Mumbai with Goa besides experiencing a good and fun-filled road trip from Goa to Mumbai on road. The famous movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ has already given us a glimpse of how a road trip from Goa to Mumbai looks like. Travel through the serene Western Ghats towards the city. If you are travelling from Mumbai, reach the exotic beaches after travelling through various exciting destinations that come in between Mumbai and Goa.  

Offbeat Things to do in Goa: Visit Casino’s

Maharajah Casino by Big Daddy

Commonly known as Big Daddy, Maharaja Casino has launched recently in Goa to give a tough competition to Goa’s Casino Royale! The three-levelled gaming zones are equipped with 900 game positions and 110 tables. A VIP zone has been made especially for people playing with a no-cap on stakes in the casino. Big Daddy offers sperate zone for entertainment, sundeck, cigar lounge, multicuisine restaurant and barbeque area. Many live performances like dance and DJs can also be enjoyed during special occasions. 

Deltin Royale Casino – Goa’s Casino Royale

This casino gives a Las Vegas experience and is popularly known as Casino Royale of Goa. Many gambling options are available in dedicated rooms like Royale Poker rooms. You can play Indian flush, American Roulette and Baccarat along with indulging in slot-machines and money wheels. This offshore casino floats lazily on the Mandovi River. 

Casino Pride 

This casino is considered as the most beautiful casino floating on the Mandovi River. More than 40 games table and arranged besides offering various slot machines and money wheel to keep its visitors occupied. If you are a seasonal visitor, you may know that Casino Pride hosts large-scale poker tournaments along with many Bollywood performances.  

Offbeat Things to do in Goa: Visit Historical Places

Basilica of Bom Jesus

This Basilica of Goa is unique as it depicts rare Baroque architecture. It was built in the year 1594 and made sacred in 1605 with the beginning of Christian followers in India. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is situated in Bainguinim, around 10 km from Panjim and is the oldest church in Goa. The church has the remaining of St. Francis Xavier, a friend of St. Ignatius Loyola who founded the Society of Jesus. Although more than 400 years have passed, the remains are preserved in good conditions and taken out once every decade. Due to its cultural significance and richness, this place has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Fort Aguada

This fort was built in the 17th century and adds to the epitome of Portuguese architecture. A lighthouse in the fort stands like a quiet sentinel looking over Sinquerim beach. The fort provides some breath-taking views while looking at Mandovi Rivers and the great Arabian Sea. This place was once used as Aguada jail and a statue of the jail salute freedom fighters just like patriots does. 

Mangueshi Temple

This is the largest temple in Goa and dedicated to God Mangesh, the reincarnation of Lord Shiva. This 500-year-old building stands straight and well-maintained which homes many ancient artefacts. A lamp tower, water tank, chandeliers are among few relics boasted by the temple which serves as a religious as well as the historical point.

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