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Tips for a Perfect First Date

Tips for a Perfect First Date

Psychologists and experts have studied people’s behaviour after the first date and recommend not to reject the second date even though their expectations have not been completely fulfilled, and in many cases the first date goes wrong because we get nervous, we don’t get the place of the invitation right or we simply get uncomfortable easily.

Although second chances are recommended, it doesn’t mean that we should take the least care when planning a date, the best thing we can do is to get everything we need to make our first date perfect, so we don’t take so many risks leaving in the hands of destiny what we can achieve with the other person in the near future; other people who are looking for more casual encounters prefer to hire escort services and skip the whole process involved in a date, this is directly related to the interests of each individual.

To help you get the perfect date we have some essential keys, which are proven by science to increase your chances of success, here are our tips.

The location

It is one of the most important points, keep in mind that you should look for a place to talk, no cinemas or dark places, commonly people decide for a dinner and if everything goes well a couple of drinks, but the best locations that we can recommend are the bars or interesting cafes in your city, being informal your nerves will not increase enough and you will feel comfortable as the people you have around you.

Conversation topics

Most people tend to fail when nerves betray them, the worst thing we can do is to bring up trivial topics or resort to the conversations we have with the neighbour in the building. If we want things to go well it is best to talk about relevant topics, about things we can get to know the other person about, it doesn’t mean you have to talk about politics or the situation in the country, if you find it difficult to come up with a topic there are some questions that can break the ice and get a lot of conversation going during a date.

Body language

Our body can help us or become our worst enemy, and this is one of the factors that can make someone much less attractive than they really are. Science has discovered that in order not to fail in this aspect there are 3 gestures to transmit interest, the first one is to copy the body language of the other person without exaggerating, that is to say that if he approaches us we approach him, if he smiles at us we smile at him and so on. Another gesture is to always sit facing the other person, this shows that we are interested, last but not least is the bow. To show interest we can lean a little towards the other person letting them know that we are at ease.

Be clear about your expectations

It has happened to more than one person who enters into a relationship without being clear about their goals and ends up hurting and disappointing the other person or themselves, for this we recommend having our thoughts clear from the beginning, if you are just looking for someone to share some time with you can find girls who offer escort services or tell the person your interest in a casual date from the beginning, so you will also know what he/she wants, otherwise if you feel ready for a partner and value everything that a relationship offers you should analyse other crucial aspects. Remember that the key to understanding each other is communication.


Although everyone is nervous on a first date it should not be a reason for you to be constantly thinking about the negative things that can happen, too much analysis usually works against you, the only thing it will do is lower your morale and increase the chances of your date not going well, go with as much confidence as possible, calm and don’t worry, everything will work out great.

Past experiences

Keep in mind your past experiences, you can learn from all your mistakes and surely some of your dates have gone wrong, remember the reasons why they didn’t call you back or write you for a second date and take it as an example. In order for the experience not to be repeated, it is essential to know where you failed and how you can improve so that your next dates go better.

If in the end none of this works, don’t worry, sometimes there are factors that we can’t control and even if we do everything possible, things just don’t always work out the way we imagined, the important thing is to keep going and not give up.

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