Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore in 2021

manufacturing companies in bangalore

The combination of innovation with alteration is considered the most pressing ideas as far as the manufacturing world is concerned. With a motive to survive the need of a speeding economy today, companies require alterations. The alterations should be such that these companies keep up with their practices to match the dynamicity. Alternations do not only mean changes in the line of business or product line, there is much more to it. The needs of the market in such case is of the top 10 manufacturing companies in Bangalore.

But, before exploring the manufacturing companies in Bangalore, here’s something you need to know. While looking for help, there are some features, which you need to know. To know them, keep scrolling!

  • Technology and expertise possessed
  • Past success stories
  • Compliances as well as important certifications
  • Capacity of volume
  • Freight and transport options, if required

Now, let’s move on to the top manufacturing companies in Bangalore and scout their offerings.

1. 3M India Ltd.

The list for the Top 10 manufacturing companies in Bangalore begins with 3M India Ltd. The foundation for this company was done in 1987. Anyone up for rendering services in the line of electronics, telecommunication, consumer, healthcare and safety, industrial and office work, can look up for 3M India Ltd. from cable connectors to heart recoverable closures, this company has a lot to offer.

You can also find coated tapes that are pressure-sensitive, chemicals possessing specialty, and much more. With the daily advancement in healthcare, there is a need for manufacturing companies which pace up with the requirement. 3M India is a perfect example of the same.

2. BEML Ltd.

BEML Ltd. was established in the year 1964. The main area of engagement of this company is the rail coaches and its spare parts. Being one of the most commons means of transport, BEML Ltd. is rendering its esteemed services to the line of rail. Mining equipment is a part of the line of manufacturing as well. The field of mining is in frequent need of updated machinery owing to its dependency. There is a wide range of equipment in terms of Bulldozers, Excavators, Motor Graders, and a lot more. The various segments of the company are:

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There are many other part manufacturers as well. So, if you are looking for the best quality of defense equipment speaking for itself, the reliability quotient is quite high here. Especially the ones in construction businesses, there’s so much with BEML Ltd.

3. Titan Company Ltd.

The headquarters of this company is situated in Bangalore, India, A joint venture of the Tata Group as well as the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation; Titan is an established name in the world of wristwatches. Being India’s largest producer of wristwatches, Titan is the 5th largest manufacturer in the wristwatch lane. Apart from watches, you can also rely on Titan for great quality jewelry – Tanishq as well know it. Precision engineering as well as sunglasses are a part of TITAN, too.  It might amaze you to know that FastTrack, sonata, Nebula, RAGA, Octane, and Regalia are some of the brainchildren of TITAN.

TITAN has a splendid role to play when it comes to exports. By exporting watches to approximately 32 countries in the world, TITAN has come a long way, both domestically as well as internationally.

4. Dell International Services India Pvt Ltd.

Almost all the people, especially the millennials are more than familiar with this name. But, how many of us actually know the reason Dell emerging as one of the top 10 manufacturing companies in Bangalore?

24 years back, in 1996, Dell began with its services, which have grown ever since. IT, research, and development services are a priority at Dell. Apart from this, the company well offers services in the field of architecture, design, and development, testing services as well as application planning. As a brand, Dell has emerged as one of the largest service providers and renders support to a wide customer base in India. The services are extended to the customers on an international basis. Also, Dell International Services India Pvt Ltd. is one big happy family with approximately 171 companies number.

5. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

Turning back the pages of History, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. was founded in 1940. However, the name Hindustan Aeronautics was taken up in 1964. As the name suggests, it is aerospace and a defense company. To calm your excitement bugs, let me tell you that this company operates for designing aircraft, auto stabilizers, laser range systems, panel instruments, equipment for communication, power plants, general forging, and much more. For a smooth functioning for manufacturing, this company has spread its units in many states across the country.

Apart from this, Hindustan Aeronautics also deals in the manufacturing of fuel and power control along with the landing gear systems. Owing to all this, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. finds its mention under the list of the top 10 manufacturing companies in Bangalore.

6. Mangalore Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd.

This manufacturing company in Bangalore was established in 1974. As far as the functioning and product range is concerned, the company has a great range to offer in the field of chemicals as well as fertilizers. The nitrogenous and phosphoric ones are a part of the offerings, too. Some of the company’s products are stated below:

  • Urea
  • Di Ammonium Phosphate (DAP)
  • Imported DAP
  • Mangala Urea
  • Mangala DAP
  • Mangala Muriate of Potash (MOP)
  • Mangala Single Superphosphate (SSP)

You can also lookup for plant-based nutrition products with Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd. Micronutrients, soil conditioners, water-soluble fertilizers, wetting and spreading agents, crop-specific soil products, specialty Agri products are the dealt ones. In an attempt to shift to the use of plant-based products, Mangalore Fertilizers and Chemicals is initiating a great step, indeed.

7. United Breweries Ltd.

Founded by Thomas Leishman in 1857, the headquarters of United Breweries Ltd. is located in Bangalore, India. Along with the licensing of brands, this company in Bangalore is popular for its engagement in the sales and manufacturing of beer. For those of you who don’t know, a wide range of beer brands like Kingfisher Strong, Ultra, Ultra Max, Cannon 1000, Ub Export, Zingaro, etc. belongs to this manufacturing company. United Breweries has successfully established its manufacturing at 3 international locations namely New Zealand, United Kingdom as well as Australia. Surprisingly, this manufacturing Company operates with 20 owned breweries and 8 on contract ones.

Here’s something that would interest you. Apart from the Indian subcontinent, this company’s brands are a part of 50 countries worldwide.

8. Bharat Electronics Ltd.

This manufacturing company in Bangalore was founded back in 1954. For those of you who don’t know, Bharat Electronics is an Indian state-owned company. It deals in aerospace and defense line of services. The prior engagement of this company is in the designing, manufacturing as well as the supply of electronics products and systems. The market area is both defense and non-defense. You can have an idea about the service line of the company as follows:

Weapon systems

  • Defense communication
  • Naval systems – their command, control as well as communications, computers and intelligence systems, too
  • Radars and systems for fire control
  • Telecom and broadcast system
  • Electronic warfare
  • Electro-optics
  • Solar photovoltaic system

9. Bosch Limited

This age gold company was founded in 1922. Bosch Limited has emerged as one of the leading suppliers in the field of technology and services. The areas of its services are mobility solutions, industrial technology, consumer goods, energy as well as building technology. The main field of work is the manufacture and trade of automotive products. The product line offered by the company comes inclusive of injectors, injection equipment along with its components, starter motors, generators, nozzles alongside nozzle holders too. Some of the other products for trade and manufacture are as follows:

  • Diesel and gasoline fuel injection system
  • Packaging machines
  • Electrical power tools
  • Automotive aftermarket products
  • Generators as well as starters
  • Security systems
  • Industrial and consumer energy products as well as solutions
  • Industrial equipment

The manufacturing facilities are extended to many locations in India.

10. ABB India Ltd.

An international leader in the world of Industrial technology, that’s ABB India Ltd. for you. You can identify this manufacturing company in India as an established name in the field of energy production. You can also rely on this company when in need of looking at ways of power transmission, pollution control, process automation as well as transformation. Power systems are a part of this company and offer turnkey systems as well as services for transmission. As a distributor of power grid, power plants have a lot to explore with ABB India Ltd.

Final Words

The most pressing challenges in the various fields of working are solved with the help of the manufacturing companies in Bangalore. Customer satisfaction, loyalty, product quantity, quality as well as delivery is what awaits you with the manufacturing companies out there. There is no need to spend extra time, effort, and patience to worry about the issues related to globalization and sustainability, anymore! What more can you ask for?

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