Know How to Get Fancy Mobile Numbers in Airtel

Know how to get fancy mobile numbers in airtel

Having a fancy mobile number has become a new trend. This I can say because many individuals nowadays are purchasing fancy mobile numbers online. One basic reason behind fancy number I believe is that these numbers can be memorized easily and looks different from ordinary numbers. The increasing popularity of fancy mobile numbers not only influences business organizations but also many people choose these numbers since they want their numbers look unique. Although Airtel has very good connectivity throughout India, let’s see how you can get one fancy number for yourself.

What is a fancy mobile number?

A fancy mobile number is the one that can be rotated at 180 degrees like 9010101010. Such numbers are usually owned by official companies since it makes it easier for customers to memorise fancy mobile numbers and they can make a call frequently. A mobile number is called a fancy mobile number provided it fulfils some basic criteria. You can check if your mobile number is fancy or not if the number satisfies the following three elements:

  • One of the numbers between 0-9 occurs in your ten-digit mobile number three consecutive times. For example, 999 or 333.
  • Three digits in the mobile number are arranged in a consecutive manner, either in ascending or descending order. For example, 123 or 765.
  • One of the digits occurs four or more than four times in your mobile number. For example, 9894009901 where the number 9 occurs four times.

How to get a fancy mobile number in Airtel?

If you make an online search about fancy mobile numbers in Airtel, you may find many options and various online agencies that can provide you with a fancy mobile number. You need to select one of the trustworthy sites among them by visiting their online website or contact directly via live chat or call.

You can get a fancy mobile number by visiting your nearby Airtel store also. Many agencies produce their official websites and apps to buy and sell fancy numbers that can be used by Indian citizens to make calls in India. Though you need to recharge them separately and may have to spend around 1000-1500 INR initially. To get the fancy mobile number in bulk, you will have to pay more than having a single number. To register a fancy mobile number in Airtel online, follow the below-given steps:

  • Find your desired fancy mobile number according to your needs and personality.
  • Once you choose your desired number, make payments to proceed and check out.
  • When the payment is done, you will receive a UPC or Unique Porting Code with an invoice within the first 24 hours in your registered mobile number.
  • To get the sim card with your fancy mobile number, you have to visit a mobile shop or any telecom gallery offering Airtel sim cards and port your number. The number can be ported to Airtel under your name and address

Tips to consider while purchasing a fancy mobile number in Airtel

  • In case you are taking a prepaid Airtel connection, you can choose available numbers with retailers. It might save your extra bugs since some of the retailers keep fancy mobile numbers and may charge you less than online stores
  • If you have a post-paid Airtel connection, the company might offer you special permission to choose a number from the total available numbers in your circle.
  • I would suggest you to visit the biggest Airtel store in your city if you seek to have a fancy mobile number. They have more collection than other retailers and can probably help you in selecting the best number available as per your choice. Though, if you select a unique number such as 9999966666 or a number having 12345, you may be charged extra.

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